Your Money Making Idea Is Right In Front of You

money making ideasHow Can You Make Money Online?…


It’s actually just right in front of you as Entrepreneurs to find with a little work, creativity and an ability to discover your voice. Then, all you have to do is go right to your built-in network and markets to make money. Mompreneurs do stick together, and know that making life run smoothly with kids, home and career can be a tall order. Communicating with other moms in business helps to ease this stress, and can be their expertise.


You will always have expertise in something that may not occur to you immediately. When you discover this, you’ll get many money making ideas from it to run with.


Other Ways to Use a Money Maker Sitting in Front of You…


Often with our clients and members, the existing content on their sites doesn’t work perfectly into their new On-Page SEO Content Action Plans, and using that content to work in other ways to make money is ideal.


Never throw away content, because it is the thing right in front of you that can be turned into so many other tools. Most of the time you just don’t see it, because it’s right under your nose, and that’s what we do to help our clients get the most out of all that content creation time. No one wants to waste time, and not make money, right?


Many people don’t realize they have a built-in ability to make money, and make or create a signature product of their own right from their experiences and site content already, and utilize their writing to help and inform other people, as well as promote and sell a product to make money.


Best Money Making Ideas: Make Money with What You Already Have


Now that we have you thinking about ways to make money from content or ideas you already have, it’s very important to focus on ways to help others, or solve their problems as your potential products.


What will your money making ideas offer?


Well, your money making product is as close as your memory. Your expertise is the product you can make and market to people everywhere. There are situations that you have encountered and overcome as a Mom in business that others in business are facing too. They could benefit from what you know to make their lives a bit easier. They can find their answers through you.


Let’s focus on 2 specific ways to make money helping other moms in business, as well as being an entrepreneur in general, since we specifically help Mompreneurs and Entrepreneurs here at Club-Content.



money1)Ways to make money from helping other moms?…


Packaging your Product to Make Money—Utilizing eBooks & Digital Publishing:


First, take note of your life experiences, and look through your blog posts, and what you write about, and find and summarize some thoughts and advice down on paper. You probably have a lot of good advice to offer to people, but it won’t sound like much unless you can get it out of your brain and into a legible format.


If you have a talent for writing this will be less work for you. If you need to, take a writing course to bone up on the finer points of writing outlines and organizing your thoughts on paper.


Your format that will work for these organized thoughts is an eBook. Everyone has heard of them but might not know exactly what they are. An eBook is essentially a book in digital form. You can create and publish them yourself using our Digital Publishing PLR for Kindle, Lulu & Nook, that you can get with your Membership benefits. For the work that you put into the project, you are greatly rewarded, and can make good money.


Ideas and Things to consider with eBooks and Digital Publishing:


1) The first consideration is the length of your book. A typical eBook can have as few as 70 pages(even less) or as many as 150. You can make more money with longer ones, because people will pay more for them.


EBooks work well as money making ideas, and are popular media because they can be downloaded or printed in an instant. As soon as the payment is processed, the customer gains access to your work. No storage space other than what is on your computer or flash drive is needed to house the digital books people buy.


make Ways to Sell & Make Money with Your Digital Creation:


2) Consider your market–other moms as an example. Let’s say that the subject of your book is getting a toddler to work through her terrible twos and threes. Just fill your content with information that moms want to know and find such as:


•           Tips for bedtime

•           Disciplinary tips

•           Going out in public

•           Dealing with mom stress

•           Testimonials

•           True life examples


All of these ideas and ways can work to flesh out your ideas. These same bullet points can be money making selling points for it too. Then, if you have a business blog, you can create the digital book website page on it, use snippets from stories in the book, testimonials from other people who have read the book, and a partial list of chapters as advertising on your site to work as your marketing.


Ideas and Ways to Make Money Through Promotion:


Work to condense chapters into enticing articles that you submit to article directories. Try not to give away too much, because you want people to buy your eBooks. Then, supply a link to your website to find in the resource box.


As a Mompreneur, you can find online clubs, forums and communities to share your helpful advice with them. Use a link to your digital book page in your signature line to find easily. As you develop a following on these groups, other members will visit your site and find your eBooks.


ideas2)Money Making Ideas: Make Money Using PLR


Digital books & Digital Publishing are simpler to create and market than people think if you have a blogsite and the right information.  It might not occur to people either, that using PLR is another ready-to-go resource to work as well. It doesn’t have to be demanding or daunting to have content for a product using PLR, and ways to make money with them, are just around the corner.


PLR can be turned into ebooks, downloads, bonuses, gift incentives, or any kind of marketing tool you need that will either make you money immediately, or lead to more money making in your future by creating leads and subscribers.


Mompreneurs and Entrepreneurs have opportunities to turn PLR into idea resources and promotion tools more than they know, but hopefully now after reading this, and just scratching the surface of ways to make money right in front of them, those wheels will start turning. You can always learn, and get even more ideas to make money with your Club-Content Membership!




money making ideasIf creating your book still seems too daunting and too much work, become our Club-Content Business Member, and get 100% profit resale rights on our own books to make money instead.  We give you the products, and you sell them, and make money…easy!


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