Work From Home Ideas Found On Etsy

Etsy can be your best place to get ideas for your own work from home business.


Since Betina and I are Etsy Sellers ourselves, who started our own work from home idea with our handmade Etsy shop, and additional Business Etsy Shop, we browsed through some top items and ideas to gather here in a collection for you.


You might be surprised at what others have made work into a home based business from the ideas you’ll see below, but we want you to take any crazy idea you might have, and discover that you really can take it to reality, and work it into a vital work from home business.


Just remember that even if you are selling something very creative like fashion, style, decor, accessories and more from the ideas below, your work from home business idea will do best if you are solving your market’s problems, offering more value, making people feel good, and really targeting your market’s solutions.



These business ideas were chosen, because they stand out the most visually. This is such an important part of your business ideas success. The presentation through images and words is everything.


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Work from Home Business Ideas: Bookmark




Polar Bear Feet Book Mark by CatrinasToybox…

Completely sculpted by hand from polymer clay, hand-painted and sealed these little bears are a cute and quirky bookmark pair, perfect for animal lovers, book lovers or anyone who just enjoys unique items.

This is a pair Bears, your choice of Polar bears with pale fur gently highlighted or dark, menacing Grizzly Bears; all bears featured paw and claw details. One bear is larger and leaner and would be perfect as His & Hers or a Parent & Child gift set.


work from home ideas

workWork from Home Business Ideas: Earrings

Oyster Shell earrings by eleven44jewelry…
Oyster Shell Earrings – Ear Weights – Tribal Jewelry – Stretched LobesBold hoop weighted earrings made by hand using the lost wax process.Hand made using the lost wax process.
 work from home ideas


ideasWork from Home Business Ideas: Special Gift

Custom Wood Art Dolls by Zime

(I ordered a set as a wedding gift, and it was a hit! You can get them as bride, groom, pet, family…anything to fit your recipient.)

work from home ideas




Work from Home Business Ideas: Scarf

Rusty Fox Scarf by Celapiu…

The Felt Foxes have very subtle and nostalgic faces. The overall look is hyper-realistic, but we can assure you that no fox was harmed during creation! Just like the good old celapiu’s Foxes the Felt ones have a special clip that enables you to arrange them around your neck as you wish.


work from home ideas



homeWork from Home Business Ideas: Upcycle

Sherlock in Champagne Upcycled Neck Tie by lilianasterfield

Our signature necktie shape for the dapper at heart is playfully named, “Sherlock”. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, one of our very favorite sleuths, our Sherlock has been a favorite for our ladies AND gents.

Our specialty vintage pieces are hand crafted re-fashioning rare vintage neckties from our curated collection. Each design is hand-ruffled and hand-stitched and lined with hand applied luxurious ribbon for added comfort.

work at home ideas


workWork from Home Business Ideas: Soft Sculpture


Sewn with an eye for detail and a touch for fabric.
Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.

The Family Dolls series’ members are different characters that can be put together as families.
They are soft sculptures, and can stand on any flat surface.


work at home ideas



needWork from Home Business Ideas: Innovative & Quirky Idea

Creature Cups …

Creeping along the bottom of your cup, the Octopus is up to noooo good. He’ll be a little startled if you catch him, and who knows what he’s doing if you don’t.



work at home ideas


homeWork from Home Business Ideas: Book Art

by PaperStatement

This sculpture “Diamond” is a folded book.



work at home ideas



Work from Home Business Ideas: Placemat

Mind Your Manners Placemat by MintChipDesigns…

I created this placemat to help my kids know what to do (and not do) at the dinner table.

It’s double-sided so it works equally well on the breakfast table and the formal dinner table. Made of super durable, easy-to-clean 10ml laminate, this 11×17 mat is built to last. Your kids will be ideal dinner guests well before these mats wear out!



work at home ideas


ideasWork from Home Business Ideas: Necklace

Acorn Necklace by GwenDelicious …

I have always liked the simplicity and the symmetry of nature and the acorn is a perfect example of this. This hand burnished brass acorn measures 1″ in length and 3/4″ in diameter and has a lid that screws off to reveal a small container inside. The possibilities are endless as to what you can put inside.


work at home ideas



needWork from Home Business Ideas: Cover Up Accessory

Women’s Denim Cover Up Apron by Tratgirl55

Just a super extroardinary cover up

So I have put together this little contemporary hip bumlero cover in a dressy casual way.



work at home ideas



workWork from Home Business Ideas: Clutch Bag

Any clutch from Bag Noir

A fresh large modern floral design in green, cream and black.
This clutch is fully lined in cream silk dupioni and finished with antique gold purse frame.

This clutch bag is big enough for all your most needed essentials (mobile phone, a small purse, keys, etc) . Perfect for day or evening.
Due to its handmade nature, fabric placement may vary slightly, giving your purse a unique feel!



work at home ideas


ideasWork from Home Business Ideas: Jacket

Mobile Jacket by STEFANEC…

The jacket is created out of strips cut from the chosen textile, denim. The surface is then irregularly sewn, some stitches are larger and thicker and some of them are finer and fainter. This technique creates handmade fabric that accentuates the form of the human body, evokes sculpture, yet remains functional. It is so comfy to wear.



work at home ideas


Work from Home Business Ideas: Modern Art Interpretation

Paper Resin Sculpture by ruby’s lounge…

Beautifully papered, resin deer head.
No deer was hurt in the making of this craft!

Because we’re all hunting for something.
We’re all collecting our own modern trophies.
What are yours?



work at home ideas



work from home ideasWork from Home Business Ideas: Bracelet

Evolution Bracelet Set by Lunaversoul…

If you are a fashion forward style maven & are always on the lookout for the next big trend then this bracelet set is for you. In this listing you all get 3 bangles.
This bracelet has a edgy,funky,futuristic tribal vibe to it that will definitely get attention!



work at home ideas



ideasWork from Home Business Ideas: Lighting

All lighting from lightexture …

This Chandelier is a lighting flower arrangement of ceramic shades that light up through translucent porcelain, shade openings and perforated white clay.

The chandelier has a timeless and organic feel to it and can be arranged and aimed to fit the space. The light shades are by ceramic artist Sharan Elran.

The chandelier includes Three translucent porcelain shades and three clay shades. The perforated shade creates a camera obscura lighting effect in which the small round holes project V shaped light textures.


work at home ideas



needWork from Home Business Ideas: Ring

Blump Rings by SaaraReidsema…

Blob + Lump = Blump

Fabricated from fused sterling, pure silver and 18-22k Y gold.



work at home ideas


Great ideas, huh! What are yours?

~Courtney & Betina


P.S. If you need to start your business work at home ideas, we’ll help you here at Club-Content!


Here are some of our own ideas we turned into reality for our work at home business. You can do it too!…



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