The Benefits of an Additional Blog


Local Flair: The Benefits of an Additional Blog



Simply put, an additional Blog can make you more money.


If you consider that advertising space is the most significant source of income as a blog owner, then additional blogs give you more ad space to sell.


Another source of income are Google ads placed on your blog(s), and although seeing income from Google Adsense is a slow process, your chances of clicks and payments on more ads and more blogs, does add up faster.


So let’s do the math!


If you have 8 premium ad spots on your blog at $20/month,that’s $160/month in income.


If you have another blog with 8 spots at $20/month,that’s $320/month in income.


Now, what if you could sell those spots at $40/month? That’s $640/month in income.  That’s not a bad grocery, gas or clothing budget, is it?


Let’s look at Google Adsense math.


Let’s say you are getting $1/day in clicks on your blog. What if your 2nd blog is also getting $1/day in clicks?


What if you could get those 2 blogs to $5/day in clicks? That’s $300/month in income.


You can see how this can add up, and you can also see now, why many make their money online with multiple websites. Multiple websites do get you there faster.


You can also use your blogs to help each other, by linking to each other, and sharing with each other on social media. You are creating more places to be found and indexed.


Of course, another blog takes more of your time.  But, we have your back!


We have posting content for you at our Mom Blogger PLR.  You can purchase our PLR articles, and use them as is, or alter them to make them your style.  Chop them up, use parts…save other parts for later, and you have posts when you don’t have time.  PLR is affordable, and goes a long way.


Even if you don’t have a 2nd blog, PLR can really help you manage your time…one of our biggest issues as Mompreneurs.