Selling Services or Products


How To Monetize Your Blog: Selling Services or Products with Geo-Targeting


The most obvious way to monetize website traffic involves selling your services or products, either physical products or digital ones. Also, don’t forget that your blog alone can be your product.


You must start with developing your USP (unique selling position), but there are two differences you need to observe.  If you’re promoting your services, traditionally you target your audience by your geographic area.  If you’re direct-selling products, targeting by a broader geographic area is wise, as well as your product’s category and keywords.


With all products, decide how far your reach ought to extend:  Local?  Continental?  Global?


selling productsWhat’s New–Geo-Targeting!:  You may not think geo-targeting can help you sell more product.  You also may not think it really matters if you focus on local businesses, when your readers so far range across all of North America. But a tactic as simple as:


  1. including your city in your keywords, meta tags and domain name
  2. submitting your site to local directories (up to state or province wide)


…can actually bring in extra readers!


One other reason to include geo-targeting in your monetization SEO:  Thanks to Facebook Places, Google+ and the “social search” phenomenon, geo-targeting is currently a  trend proven to increase and maximize traffic.


It also just makes sense for us Mom Bloggers and Mompreneurs! We are connected to our local communities on an every day basis as parents.