No Entrepreneur Blog Is a Bad Idea

Shame On You Lazy Entrepreneur Business Blog!




Shame is right, because your entrepreneur business blog doesn’t have to be so lazy.  In fact, it’s activity can do wonders for your business and sales, but so many just let it sit.  They create a brand, design a website, list some products, and think sales and traffic will just come in.




There’s really no excuse for a lazy entrepreneur business blog. After all, there is always affordable PLR you can buy, shape to your On-Page SEO Content Plan, and keep your blog active. And if you’re really smart about your writing, presentation and marketing, you can edit, and make it work for you over and over.


You can always assess how content is performing, and edit it to do better. We’ll get into the details of doing this below.


If you are not publishing a blog post designed from your On-Page SEO Content Plan that you can get here consistently on your entrepreneur business blog, and complaining about business and sales, then shame on you Mr. or Mrs. Lazy…shame on you.


From a single entrepreneur business blog post…


-You can call people to action.


-Ask them to join your list.


-Ask them to buy a product.


-Use this business blog post for social media marketing.


-Use this business blog post for email marketing.


-Use this business blog post for future products.


-Use this business blog post re-purposed in so many ways.


I will be so bold to say that to be lazy, and not publish a business blog post is the death of your entrepreneur business online.


So now you’re saying, okay-okay…no more lazy. But I still have to do everything to run my entrepreneur business, grow my subscriber list, post for my business blog, and do all of my marketing.  How do I make it all work?


The answer is, you edit your content to multi-task and COUNT with our guidance here…



Here are the elements of multi-tasking content to make things COUNT for your entrepreneur business…


entrepreneurLazy Entrepreneur Business No More


*Keyword Research, Blog Structure & Word Significance


As a member, you can catch up to the new SEO and Google Standards, and get keyword research for an appropriate On-Page SEO blog structure and layered system of writing for the most significance and relevance in SEO.

Your brand, entrepreneur blog, site structure and content type make the difference to get indexed by Google in a public search, and to be found by more readers and customers for more sales or leads.


Lazy Entrepreneur Business No More


*Be Relevant


In addition to keyword research, which involves being relevant and not random in your word and blog post choices. Relevance is also about the social impact or social sharing of your blog content.


1)This relevance all starts with your keyword choices. 2)Then you create content for these relevant keywords. 3)Then your content is so good and relevant to your niche market, that it gets shared and bookmarked a lot.


These 3 steps are vital to your entrepreneur business plan and success, and they do seem simple, huh?


Yes, simple in design, but challenging in their application and results. This is the part we help you to get right. But, if you don’t have an entrepreneur business blog to edit, and get right for your relevance, you are missing your chance!


Lazy Entrepreneur Business No More


*Passion & Conversation with Your Writing & Readers


It’s about talking with someone and not talking at someone. That someone is your targeted reader and customer, and you are speaking to her emotionally with your titles, descriptions and content to get click throughs and more social sharing value.


Another multi-tasking element that seems so simple, but how do you actually do this?


You have to know who you are, and how others see you. This means you know your strengths and weaknesses not only in your business model, but with your personality.


You also have to be able to answer extensive questions about your business model, plan, products, niche and market. Knowing yourself professionally and personally, and your market backwards and forwards will give you this ability to have passion and conversation. We will help you do this with an About Your Business Consult.


businessLazy Entrepreneur Business No More


*SEO & Traffic


All of these keyword and relevancy efforts like social sharing, are what establish your Search Engine Optimization.


You as an entrepreneur member are producing quality content with relevance and significance, that can continue to work for you with age, and while you do other business tasks.


1)Hone, 2)Research, 3)Create, 4)Market, 5)Re-visit, 6)Edit…


Your effective On-Page SEO entrepreneur blog posts that you create and edit from honing in on your brand and niche, doing the right keyword research, and marketing for social sharing are like really good bottles of wine.


They can just rest back on the rack or in the cellar, and still age and grow in value without doing anything, but rotating the bottle a bit.


editYou re-visit your really good bottles, and edit, tweak, update for some new and even better marketing. The value of those bottles grow with your value, reputation and entrepreneur brand. You build your authority over time, with a steady edit program, while rotating your presentation.


All of this makes your traffic grow, and the more traffic you have, the more sales and leads you’ll have. By sticking to a steady rinse and repeat cycle of these 6 steps, you set yourself up for big relevancy, big branding, big authority and big traffic.


Entrepreneur Business in a Package


You are likely reading this, and a lot makes sense…maybe some doesn’t on the SEO technical side. It’s always hard to jump into something, when you don’t know what you should know. If you’re a new entrepreneur in online business especially, you can’t possibly know the best things you should be doing, but you know you have a great idea, and you know you can reach and help people with it, right?


If this is you, take some time to look through our business club here, and consider putting yourself in a position and opportunity most don’t have.


Small really means small in our membership, because we want to offer great efforts and guidance to just a handful of new entrepreneurs, who do not have big SEO budgets. We really want to see you go, and that means small and focused!


Our Motto: Confident Conviction~Unwavering Support




Entrepreneur Business Libraries


*Learning From Libraries of Information 


In addition, and as an added perk to your special guidance to hone, research, create, market, re-visit and edit your business brand during your year of membership, we loaded up the site with tons of business info you need, and can access on your own time.


It’s just a personal preference to read and scan organized information, rather than waiting through a video or audio presentation. With audio and video, you have to rewind or fast forward to find that spot you need. It’s frustrating and time consuming. Reading is always the fastest and easiest to absorb, and busy business entrepreneurs need that.


You make learning fit to your busy day, not the other way around, and if you have questions, you just email for help.


Here’s a summary list of your Entrepreneur Business Libraries…


How to Make Money


You get over 20 articles on How to Make Money from Publishing Books to Selling Services or Products, to Article Marketing to E-zine Promotion and Building your Lists.


Blogger, Business & Marketing


You get more than 60 articles on Blogging & Business from Home Based Business Ideas to How to Keyword, Generate Blog Content and Business Blogging know how, with Traffic & Marketing Strategies to help your lazy business not be.


Social Media & Email Marketing


You get more than 30 articles on Social Media and Email Marketing, with guides to understand each social media venue and social platform.  You get the ability to determine your marketing plan that works for your individual needs, as well as an extensive learning on creating, building and using your email subscription list to achieve your ultimate status in business online.


Exclusive Resale Rights for 100% Profits


Your exclusive rights to resell our BLOGmoda My Blog ebooks for 100% profits keep you out of a saturated resell market, because our Membership is so small and focused, and you get to build your list with sales, and cover your Membership costs.  They also give you passive income–the key to growth and having more time.


Entrepreneur Tools


You get Entrepreneur Tools every quarter as part of your package, that you don’t have to seek out and buy.  Tools like an extensive Biz Kit for keyword research and social media how to, making your own videos, conducting webinars, and specific traffic systems for YouTube are just some of what will come every quarter.


Easy Consultation


*Email or Your Social Facebook Support Group


This is one-on-one consulting at a flat rate for a year.  It’s also why our Membership is small.  If you have questions, you can just ask via email or on private Facebook social media.  We log in every day, and are there to help you. Your private social group gives you a chance to network with other entrepreneurs if you wish.


This is also great for any follow up Consultation from our SEO Brand Magic Services.  Membership gives you a packaged rate deal, discounted services rates, longer term learning, and easy follow up through via email or on our private Facebook Social Media Group.


editContent for Everything



*Create Time to Accomplish Your Entrepreneur Goals


Simply put, your affordable PLR supply will provide you the source for all blogging, list building and marketing, plus give you so much more time!


PLR just makes your entrepreneur blogging stronger, by letting you post on schedule, and giving you time to write those knock-out articles that you can market more.  It’s like having an extra writer working for you, and his pay is really cheap, and you get all of the control, edit and credit.


More on Club-Content Helping an Entrepreneur Business


The learning and support environment is unparalleled. It’s select and completely on your own time–no scheduled courses to always miss. You get meaningful attention, and the opportunity to improve, and reap rewards for a price you won’t find.


Your Club-Content venture will be unique, beneficial, resourceful, social and fun. Become a select successful Entrepreneur with us!


Courtney & Betina~Club-Content


Head over to your Member Page now, and get your lazy entrepreneur business blog going today!



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