Marketing Mega Breakdown: Email, Social Media, Blogs, Outsourcing




This is your Mega Marketing Breakdown covering Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blog & Content Marketing, plus Outsourcing in Forum Marketing.


Marketing is one of those things in business we all know we have to do, yet it gets put on the back burner. Ask yourself, when you create a product, content, etc., do you have a marketing plan for it?


It’s very easy to get caught up in the pressure of publishing blog posts often, or just hanging around on social media, and not focusing on better and more efficient marketing efforts.


Ideally, your business day should mostly be comprised of marketing efforts. You’ll have your creation days of course, but all of that creation goes nowhere without the marketing.


Let’s get to Email Marketing first, and this means you need a list of subscribers to market to. If you do not have a list yet, we’ll cover 10 tips to getting subscribers with effective sign up forms, and this means scrap the following widgets now!…



Do you still have all of those following widgets all over your site, instead of an effective email sign up form?


If you’ve been around awhile in blogging and business, you understand just how important email subscribers are.  At first, you might not get why you need a sign up form, instead of all those following widgets.


Those big follower numbers make everyone feel good on display, but they are not your real followers. Email subscribers are real in the sense that they are the ones who really count.


And the more email sign up subscribers you have, gives you more status and value, helps you grow your readers, clients and customers, helps you with repeat sales, helps you make money,  and allows you to be free from Internet changes.


Just to name a few business marketing perks.


But first, you must have a sign up form, or a few sign up forms, and they need to be effective.


marketingHere are Ten Tips for Effective Email Sign up Forms…


1. Don’t Hide Your Sign-up Form or Forms — It’s imperative that you don’t hide the sign up form or forms that are cluttered or hidden away. Make them easy for your visitors to sign up in multiple ways.  This means a form or forms in your sidebar, in your post, a specific page or even a welcome gate to enter your site.


2. Give Benefits Over Features — If you’re going to be sending “daily tips” tell them the benefits of receiving them right on the form where they sign up. People want to know what’s in it for them, so tell them exactly what they’ll get by signing up. It might be updates, it might be a newsletter, it might be offers, it’s up to you, but let them know!


3. Give Some Examples — People like seeing examples.  If you archive some of your newsletters, you can give them examples of what they’ll be getting in email so that it doesn’t seem so intrusive or scary to sign up.


4. Assure Privacy — People are afraid today about privacy issues.  Ensure that you tell them clearly, you value their privacy, and don’t share, or sell their information when they sign up.


5. Ask for a Main Email Address — Many people have specific email addresses they give out for newsletters, and rarely check. Ask for a main email address so they don’t miss out on your offerings. Be sure to give them a very compelling reason to give you that email.


6. Set Expectations — It’s important for them to keep you at the top of their minds. Tell them how often they’ll get what they are signing up for. This does 2 things.  It lets them know what to expect from you when they sign up, and it reminds them that you will be sending them something in their in-boxes.


7. Explain Clearly — It’s important for a person who uses your forms, and signs up for your list to understand how the sign up process works. Walk them through the process, and explain each step with each form.  If you’re using a service, and many are free with a low number of subscribers, their software does this for you automatically.  Find a free service you like, (and Mailchimp is great), and create your account, and get going!


8. Give Choices — Know your market first though.  If  your market has no idea from HTML or Text, leave that out.  If you have more than one list, a newsletter, a drip eCourse, etc.. let them choose. Be sure to explain those choices clearly on your sign up form or forms.


9. Always Test — Testing is simply trying out different forms, different methods, different words and even different fonts, one at a time until you find something that works best for you and your audience, and what encourages them to sign up with email the most.


10. Less is more — For the first sign up, don’t ask for too much. Be happy if you get their first names and email addresses, or even just an email address. You can gather more information later.

Delete those following widgets today, and replace with email sign up forms–you’ll thank us later!


Now that you have your email marketing sign up forms in tip top shape, you’ll need some tips on your email templates and communication with your subscribers. Head over to our Email Marketing Library and read 3 Top Email Marketing Tips & Templates.



socialSocial Media Marketing How To…


Keeping up with the benefits of social media marketing for your business requires that you learn how to use each venue to your best advantage, take action from what you learn, and ultimately discover the value of your time from your marketing actions.



One of the greatest obstacles in succeeding in blogging & business is learning and managing your time, and social media can be the biggest time sucker in your day. We have help with this on another blog post: Help Social Media is Sucking My Life Away! Go read it!



Action Plans are Vital for Business Marketing in Social Media



We’re not even talking about the personal aspects that can get so distracting, but simply maintaining your accounts for business marketing purposes alone.  If you don’t know how to use social media as tools to help you, you will not have any action plans in place, and will therefore lose your valuable time every day, ultimately hurting your business.


Leap to Social Media Marketing Action for Your Business


Some in business marketing will just ignore social media all together to their detriment.  Those who recognize you will never know everything, yet leap to action anyway, will be able to learn through practice, and grow their blogs or a business more.


Social Media Marketing: Learn to Not Waste Time


You have to get started learning somewhere, with just the basic functions of participating on each platform, so that you don’t waste too much time fumbling in the beginning, and can get to some daily practices that you see working for you. The more you test your strategies, the more you’ll know and learn what works or not for your business social media marketing plan.


We have a handy collection of Social Media Marketing How To Guides, Strategies & Checklists, and we’ll give you some snippets of top tips from them…


If you are brand new to social media marketing for your business, you can start with our Social Media Tips & Primer Report with Strategies & Checklists for Google Plus, Pinterest, & YouTube.


In the Social Media Marketing Primer Report, you’ll learn:


  • The Social Web…a Boon for Your Business
  • Including: Top 4 Social Networking Sites
  • Including: Where Should You Focus Your Efforts
  • Including: Tips on How To Begin


You can then use the Strategies and Checklists to further learn social media marketing, and take action for business:


  • Creating and Implementing Your Social Networking Strategy Checklist
  • Social Networking Workbook 5 Step Plan
  • Google+ Page Checklist
  • Learn How To Use Pinterest to Market Your Business Checklist
  • Video Marketing with YouTube Checklist


businessIf Twitter is just a place to socialize, and you’re not sure how it can help you, we have a Twitter Your Business Ebook with ideas to use and implement for business marketing such as:



  • How To Use Hashtags, Find Them, Know When They Peak , Create Them & Use Proper Hashtag Etiquette
  • Learn About More Twitter Tools Like Social Media Apps, WordPress Plug Ins, Live Twitter Chats & Twitter Buttons


This Twitter Your Business Book is a thorough business beginner guide, and will help you understand why Twitter can help your business, and ways to use it. Plus, it will walk you through setting up your effective Twitter Profile, and understanding how to effectively tweet, use hashtags and more tools to guide your promoting and marketing strategies.

Even if you have already been using Twitter for your Business, this Book will remind you of how to focus your efforts, make it work for you, and keep you on track for success.


Google Plus is still pretty new, but you don’t want to kick yourself later for not learning and using this platform.  You can learn all of the marketing action ins and outs from our Google Plus Step by Step Guide.


You’ll learn from social media marketing for business with instructional photos on:


  • Learn What Google Plus Is
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google+ Pages
  • Google+ Local
  • Creating A Perfect Profile
  • Making Connections
  • Your Google+ Badge


StumbleUpon is an excellent tool to gain traffic to your business blogsite, and there are ways to use this platform appropriately and effectively as well. Get our StumbleUpon Unleashed in your daily social media marketing action strategy for business…


You’ll learn social media marketing to take action for business:


  • Action Plan with Creating Your Strategy & Profile, Learn to Subscribe, Rate, Review, Tag & Interact with Tools & Tactics
  • Mind Map with 14 Best StumbleUpon Tips & 8 Mistakes to Avoid
  • Report Blue Print for Understanding if StumbleUpon is Right for You, Setting Up a Strategy & Goals, Testing & Tracking, Tagging & Integrating Your Business Marketing
  • StumbleUpon Checklist


mediaLast but not least you can get everything combined for email, social media marketing, blog marketing and even keyword research in our complete Biz Kit for Ebusiness:


I want you to start right, and ahead of the game, so this Business Plan Kit is designed to get to the heart of the important things. It contains all the guidance and info you need for online business. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING, IT’S ALL HERE…


Be Efficient & Effective for Social Media & Business Marketing


Getting a handle on your time management for business and for Social Media Marketing happens from learning from action. Your daily practice shows you the way, and where to focus the most. When it comes to learning marketing, you can always read something, but did you learn to act efficiently and effectively?





marketingNext, How to Leverage Blog Marketing…


Next in the Mega Marketing Breakdown, marketing your blog or business with proper content, and showing you how to leverage other blogs to help your business. Not sure about your proper content? You can learn what Writing the New Way is.


These 3 leveraging tools can be applied to any category or industry.  What ever business industry you are in, there will be other bloggers to use as leverage.


Let’s touch on the basic notion as to why having a blog and blogging is good for business?


Because, it helps you find people who are potential customers, and connect with them by networking with other blogs and bloggers.


When you are blogging using content marketing to reach an audience of people, you can also connect to potential readers and customers by networking with other bloggers.


The bottom line is  that blogs are a source of potential leads and customers…period.


marketingHere are three ways on how to leverage the power of other people’s blogs for your business marketing:



1.     Skip the Top Bloggers and Connect with Mid-List Bloggers. 



How to Leverage the Narrowest of Niches


One of the coolest things about the internet is the way it allows people in even the narrowest of niches to find others who share their passions. And while you may be frequenting industry forums of people to make your presence known, are you checking out the bloggers in your niche and becoming part of the community there?
Bloggers don’t have to have thousands of readers to be powerful, or to have people as potential customers to reach. Go beyond just the top three or four well-known names and dig deeper for mid-list bloggers. Leave comments, and make a connection for leverage.


How to Leverage & Not Get Lost


The top bloggers in most industries are inundated with attention and love, and your efforts may get lost in the melee. Mid-list bloggers are likely to be quite receptive and responsive. And even the smallest blogger deserves a comment or two from you. Introduce yourself and invite them over to your site. Issuing a couple of invitations like this a week takes only a few minutes and can pay off big time.


2.     Study Blog Comments. 


OF COURSE you’re paying attention to the people who send you comments and suggestions directly on your own website or blog. But are you taking a look at what people are saying on other blogs in your industry to leverage yourself?


How to Leverage Profiles


Many blogs require anyone who comments to establish profiles or provide their email addresses or websites URLs. You can find out who the commenters are, visit their blogs, or email them directly if you think they’re a good fit for your product or service.


How to Leverage with a Soft Sell


This should be a soft sell with no pressure. The goal is to establish a relationship with people, not to get a commitment to purchase. Take small, non-threatening steps.


3.      Find and Use Blog Rolls. 


Blog rolls were a huge thing five or so years ago when blogs were fairly novel. Bloggers wanted to show off who they read and which people they associated with.  Blog rolls are less common now, but they’re still out there, and they’re like referral lists from your customers for you to leverage!


How to Leverage Through Association


Once you find a blogger who seems to be an ideal prospect, see who else they’re associating with, and follow the blog roll links like a trail of breadcrumbs to leverage yourself. Hop from blog to blog, seeing who else is a likely prospect and start establishing a relationship.


Again, tread softly: “I saw your link on so-and-so’s site. I’m a big fan of his, so I thought I’d stop by. Love your post on Mother’s Day crafts; I just wrote a similar post on my blog. Stop by!” That’s all it takes.


How to Leverage with a Like-Minded Individual


It can be a little intimidating to just jump onto someone’s blog and begin commenting, but most people who publish blogs do so, because they want to share their thoughts and ideas with others. You’re not butting into a private chat. Instead, you’re joining a public conversation with another like-minded individual. And that’s where relationships can start.


If you thought to visit and leverage other blogs was a waste of time for business marketing, you were wrong!


Don’t discount the powerful resource other bloggers are for you in business, regardless of the industry.  Now you know how to leverage your time you spend with other people on other blogs, so you’re not wasting your efforts, but helping your business.





Outsourcing Your Business Marketing in Forums:


Some choose to outsource their business marketing in forums, but to do this, you really need to know your marketing purpose first.



Should you or shouldn’t you use forums for marketing? Here’s the breakdown of what you need to know…


First, let’s explain why joining a forum related to your target market to post content, and interact with other readers works.


Forums Build Links & Relationships


In most forums, you can create your own signature, including a link to your site.  So when you post something interesting, or develop strong relationships with other readers, they just might click through to your site to read more of your content from your post.


Forums Build Traffic


You can grow your traffic to your site through forums, but you have to post there regularly. It involves logging into the forum for a set amount of time each day to interact, and post. The more you post, the more you’ll see traffic. It doesn’t require that much time, but many of us don’t have  the time to post to spare.


Know Your Purpose in Forums


One way around time constraints is to outsource your forum posts, but this can be risky. In order to determine your risk, you need to look at your specific purpose in posts on forums, and there are 2 main purposes to post…


Forum Posts Purpose #1: Build Backlinks

Forum Posts Purpose #2: Drive Traffic


These two purposes are closely related, but are targeting different groups. If you do posts to build backlinks, you are targeting Google and other search engines. The idea is the search engine spiders crawl the high ranking-high traffic authority forum site…find your backlinks there, and give your site an SEO boost.

Use Forums for a Personal Approach


If you’re driving traffic to your site with posts in forums, you’re still building authority, but your target group are the human readers. This more personal approach can be extremely effective in building traffic in the long run, but it won’t work if your posts don’t provide enough value that people want to learn more about you in that particular forum.


Outsourcing Forum Posts for Backlinks


With backlinks, what you write in your posts isn’t as important as making sure you are able to put a link in your signature. It’s the backlink you’re going for. For a forum purpose of building backlinks, you can hire someone to post for you, since the content is less important to you, but you must also be aware of violating the forum’s terms of service.

*Beware!:  This goes against most forums’ terms of service.


Outsourcing Forum Posts for Driving Traffic and Building Authority


If you’re doing posts for human beings, it’s a different story. You’re building your authority right there in the forum with your posts, and you need to give them your best.



Outsourcing for Forums May Compromise Relationships



Part of what you’re doing is networking and building relationships. When you outsource, you may or may not get this. It could end up being a complete waste of money and effort. Let’s also say that your reputation could be damaged.


What if any of these people were doing your posts in forums?…



It’s not impossible to outsource forum posts for traffic and authority, but if you do, you will need a great writer who is knowledgeable about your subject, and can write naturally with your voice. They also need to be able to build relationships with other forum members and you need to know what they’re doing on the forums.


So now you know the breakdown of what outsourcing your forum posts entails, and can make an informed decision.


If you want quality, it’s probably best not outsourcing your marketing in forums, and finding some extra time somewhere in your day to do posts yourself.


socialOf course, you can find more time by using PLR, and you can get a steady supply of your choice every month as a Member here with us.


Take these tips from your Mega Marketing Breakdown for Email, Social Media, Blogs & Outsourcing and apply a few to your business habits today. Keep your marketing efforts steady and consistent, and see your business thrive!




Confident Conviction~Unwavering Support


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