Why Do You Need A List?

A popular saying among internet marketers is, “The money is in the list.”


Other similar phrases abound, but the basic meaning is once you sell to one person on your list, the likelihood of them purchasing from you again increases dramatically.


Why is this true?


It goes back to good old fashioned sales and customer service. If someone likes you and trusts you, they will more likely purchase from you than a complete and total stranger.


Likewise, if they have already purchased from you, and they like your product and received good customer service, that memory will last, and they will purchase from you again.


Think of your own real life experiences going into a brick and mortar business. Were you greeted when you arrived? Did anyone ask if you needed help while you shopped? Was someone available to answer your questions?


If the business owner was genuinely happy to see you in her store, and went out of her way to make sure you were happy, you will remember this experience and think of this store again in the future, even if you didn’t make a purchase that same day.


This is an example of liking and trusting the business owner.


If, however, you didn’t see anyone in charge, and felt like you were being ignored, what are the chances you’d go back there?


The same situation is true for those with online businesses. Potential customers want to know who you are first, to know that you’re trustworthy, before they spend money with you.


Once you have proven yourself and have met their expectations, these same customers will remember your name, and come back in the future.


It’s part of human nature.