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what is a business plan

That’s right, she’s pointing at you…Are you ready for your Business Plan Keyword  Challenge Now!?


Our Business Plan Keyword Challenge is what we do here at Club-Content, and we are getting our sites whipped into shape for our best SEO plan and strategy.


Just What is a Business Plan Through a Word Challenge?


Don’t walk away! Your one niche word, and all those keywords related to it, and the information you provide through them, are exactly what you need to start your business on the right path and plan.


What is a Business Plan? Here’s a Breakdown for Your Own…


*Business Plan: We help you choose an appropriate business site niche keyword, words and site content to set up your entire business purpose, plan of action, marketing and SEO.


*Business Plan: We help you as a business understand your business plan outline and action plan to connect all your efforts to your audience, clients or customers, and to give them exactly the information they need.


*Business Plan: We help you implement your best business niche On-Page SEO through your business action plan content outline on your website. These are all those right words speaking in all the right ways.


*Business Plan: We help you use a strategic system of word presentation, designed to reach your audience, and give the Google robots the information they need too.




*A Business Plan: Equals the business mistake you didn’t make. You start with a proper goal, path and strategy from the beginning, instead of months or years of wasted time.


*A Business Plan: Equals the potential for search engine traffic–reaching a broader, yet targeted audience for more sales and more business faster. You start right, and get going faster…simple.


*A Business Plan: Equals the quality and branding that you must have in your presentation. This is not only essential for your audience, but essential for SEO. 



what is a business plan


So why all of this focus on a keyword challenge business plan here?

Many in business don’t understand the power of their words, organization and content alone to see their businesses thrive and shine.


If you’ve been taking your business blogging and these words for granted, you need to  stop now, and you need to start doing things right. Keyword research, their use and strategic presentation can all be incorporated into a plan and strategy.


Here are some example goals and tactics you could apply to your business site plan and marketing strategy…


*Increase your web presence and marketing power
*Showcase your clients and their successes
*Display your industry expertise and credentials
*Be the “go to” place for the latest industry or niche news
*Share resources such as free reports, audio files or “how to” videos

*Give them what they want or need to learn or hear

*Create some actual passive income for you



Not all of these examples may apply to your business site plan, but this is a good time to invest in an initial plan or re-focusing of your business site.


Think about each example.  How can you add that particular benefit to your site plan?  Does that point apply to your business, or would it be something that hurts it? Can you use an appropriate keyword or keywords for each action plan example?


businessThink of your business site plan for what it actually is…


Your voice, speaking directly to potential clients, when you aren’t around. It’s like having a partner who’s hard at work, even while you’re asleep! Always marketing information with the right words and organization.


A Business Plan Pre-Qualifies Traffic…


There are some steps in business plan blogging you need to take, if you want your site to dramatically improve in pre-qualified traffic.


What is “pre-qualified” traffic?  Readers who are likely to buy from you or use your services, and readers who will prize what you have to say, and return again and again. This is when you want to focus on a buyer keyword and keywords specifically, and think about a buyer’s search process. You need to know those targeted search words, and use them in a specific way through your business plan.


  1. Business Plan Branding with Your Business Name: Don’t underestimate the importance of your domain name in a search and for branding.


SEO and branding are one in the same these days. If you are not established as a brand, Google won’t give you the time of day. Your strategic business plan and applications can help you create this vital reputation you need. It also connects you to these pre-qualified searchers we’re talking about.


  1. Business Plan Connection: You need to attract pre-qualified searchers through your branding, and through your most relevant keywords and information.




What is branding for your business plan and keyword branding?


Simply becoming known by the name of your company. For example, if I were to say “McDonalds”, the odds are you’d instantly think of the famous fast-food restaurant chain. Likewise, if I said “Nike”, you’d instantly think of sneakers.


Keyword branding is attracting readers by highly relevant keywords in a search, which should fit your brand for its business plan purpose.


If you’re thinking of setting up a brand new business site or subsidiary blog for your business, your keyword business plan is a powerful way to increase your page rank very quickly.


If you want to really brand yourself and your website, you might do that through a really unique name combined with what you hope will become a highly recognizable logo using your keyword research.


If your website has been in existence for a few years, a subtle header re-design and the addition of a newly-designed logo (and website colors) will be more effective than a drastic change. You’ll also want to update your keyword research at all times to make sure you are still relevant.


Other Business Plan Information in Addition to Proper Branding & SEO…


Every business website will need to start with a plan detailed in the information above, but there are additional business plans you can incorporate, like monetizing your business site.





Important Information You Need to Start Your Business Plan Right…


If your blog is on a public platform such as or Blogger, it’s best to move it to your own self-hosted, custom domain on

1) is so important!


First, for SEO, Google just likes it. Also, websites hosted on free public platforms have a tendency to disappear for no explicable reason now and again, especially if you’ve made any attempts to monetize them with advertising or affiliate links.


You have more control on your own custom domain blog, plus more control over your editing and changes you’ll want to make over time for your business plan.


2)Monetizing Your Business Blog as a Business Plan…Should you?


Business blogs can help you earn extra money, which leads us to another inevitable question: Should you monetize your business blog?


Some people will say yes…others, no.  There is no hard and fast rule to this, other than any monetization you do should be highly relevant to your target search or the need and information for your readers.


Also, make sure you are thoroughly up to date on recent FTC (Federal Trade Commission) changes to rules about monetized websites. What you can no longer do is accept goods or payment in exchange for favorable reviews, without disclosing that you have been paid according to the FTC, but by doing this, you are involved in a link scheme according to Google, without proper coding on your outbound links as well as disclosure.


There is still controversy on how the new rulings will affect simple affiliate links. Unfortunately, the new guidelines are not at all clear, and in the case of Adsense ads, seem to actually conflict with Google’s own requirement that you draw no attention to the fact that you’ll get a commission if your reader clicks on an Adsense link.


There is even more conflict now with link schemes.  Any exchanges of goods, money or services for an outbound link are considered link schemes by Google. If you were to disclose receiving anything for a link in your blog post content, and not follow their rules and proper coding, you can be punished as a spammer.


Many business bloggers are opting on the side of caution, and being up-front about the fact that affiliate links are indeed, affiliate links, but the absolute safest thing to do is to only promote your affiliate links to your list of subscribers either in a newsletter or in a private post or page.




3)I’ve Never “Monetized” My Business Site as a Plan–What Are You Talking About?


If you are not an internet information marketer or are new to blogging, you may not know what we’re talking about. For example, your carpentry blog for your Woodworking company just has tips about woodworking, contact information and a list of your services and rates.


You can increase your profitability further, by using your business website as a marketing tool to gain email subscribers, and then promote related (but not competing) products in exchange for some sort of financial reward: commissions, out and out payment, or gift certificates through your newsletters.


Some common ways business bloggers monetize their sites using a “nofollow” tag for links:


*Google Adsense



4)Please note that you will absolutely have to include a Disclosure Page in your Business Plan.


It’s best to not allow ads that will detract from your actual income by redirecting potential clients to rival products.  Remember, keep it related, but don’t replace.


What is a Business Plan at Club-Content?


If you have a business, you can find out more on how to develop a business plan strategy to work for you here on Club-Content.  We start carving your niche and SEO marketing plan first, and work on the right words and organization to help you with your vital business plan and content information implementation.


Keywords and doing research will bring this all together. Your brand, site, information marketing and business plan are all founded upon your business plan niche research and implementation, and you can get that done for you here as a Member, or enlist our Services.


Keywords and Keyword content do not have to be boring either. You can have fun things like food and recipes to appeal to your readers. Go check it out on our sister site, Mom Blogger PLR.



Try our Business Plan Keyword Challenge Now! It’s What You Need.

Courtney & Betina

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