How To Monetize Your Blog

Local Flair Focus: The Many Ways To Monetize Your Blog…


There is a myriad of ways to monetize your blog.  In order to get the best return on all of your hard work, it’s best to set up more than one stream of income for each site.  As part of our Local Flair Focus, and helping you make money blogging, we’ll run through some options available to you.


But before you rush to adopt new strategies, do yourself a favor and consider your overall business plan.  Which strategy would be your perfect fit, and target your readers and customers best?


Would you just like a passive, “set-it-and-forget-it” type additional stream of income, or is there a more active one that can ignite your passion, and keep you happily involved for years to come?


monetizeIn these next Local Flair Focus & How to Make Money articles, we’ll examine and spell out some monetizing strategies, but there are three essential steps to take before rushing off to monetize your site…


  1. Develop high-value, original content

  2. Build a community of loyal followers

  3. Build a list of subscribers


You don’t have to wait years for your website to attain high page rank and thousands of followers before starting to monetize it.  Everything begins with quality content at the site’s core.  As soon as you’ve got that, you can put any combination of strategies we’re going to talk about in play to generate that community of loyal followers and drive dynamic traffic to your website, and you have a head start as a Club-Content member!