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make money onlineMany people wonder how to make money online.


It seems like the Internet is a free place for the most part, and you might question how a professional Blogger, for example actually gets paid.

But, the Internet economy is a vibrant, viable marketplace for business, products, services, and inventions, and offers so many possibilities and potential for those who seek it out.


This is your place to seek it out!


If you don’t seek out how to make money online, and learn and research ways and ideas to help yourself make money online, it’s certainly not going to just fall into your lap.  Use Club-Content’s growing How to Make Money Online Library to be active and targeted in your money making goals and ideas…




How Much Does Product Quality Matter for People?


From a business point of view, is it better to create a bunch of low-quality products with strong marketing to sell, or should you really focus on making your product good for people?


Do you believe that the money is in the back end?


People who focus on long-term success from repeat buyers often make ten times or more than people who just focus on the one-time sale.


Let’s Compare: Low-Quality vs. High-Quality 


Product quality matters in the long run. It matters to the people receiving it, and to whom you sell, but it also matters to you, the one who has to work for it every day.  If you don’t think your quality is high, it’s hard to convince other people that it is. It’s also vital to your Search Engine Optimization.


Let’s take a look at a few online examples.


Example 1 – Online Internet Marketing


There are many people selling $10 to $50 eBooks with very little value. The downside is that they make one sale, then seldom make another from the same customer.


Contrast that to people who don’t make their money on one-time sales. In fact, many of them don’t make money on the first sales. They make their money from the subsequent programs that people buy after reading their first product, which is always packed with juicy content.


Example 2 -Purposely Cheaper Online or Purposely Expensive


Payless Shoes and Jimmy Choo are another great example. The two couldn’t have a bigger difference in philosophy.


Payless makes their shoes with lower quality materials, designed to make sure users would buy more shoes more often, because they wear out faster.


Jimmy Choo on the other hand, makes shoes based on quality.  The higher cost is more accepted by people, because the known quality is there.


Strong businesses both online and offline make most of their money from repeat customers. If you build a reputation for being a company that produces high-quality, you’ll get repeat customers, higher ticket sales, better online SEO, backlinks and referral traffic that just comes to you.


Let’s look deeper…


The internet is full of poor quality items to sell. Do they make money? From a business point of view, is it better to create a bunch of low-quality products with strong marketing, or should you really focus on making your product good?


Does Low Quality Online Really Succeed?


This might surprise you, but the answer is “yes,” to a certain extent. It seems like every day someone is coming out with another app or plugin that’s really just a knock-off of others to sell. Every blog is a repeat of the last blog. Every single day people are purchasing diet pills online, or the next fitness craze program.


It’s true that you can get people to pay for low-quality items you sell. The downside to that, however, is that people won’t buy from you again.


People who want to make money online, who focus on long-term success from repeat buyers often make more money, and they enjoy the process to sell, and make people happy more.


Quality is our focus here, and by helping you build a list of repeat customers, we are setting you up for that long-term more enjoyable success.  Sure, you can be pumping out the latest, hottest trend, pretending to be some made up person with a made up profile, which is all too easy to do online.


Or, you can be you, with your online brand and long term focus here with us…


Jump Start your online money making now!


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