How to Implement List Building Ideas in 30 Days

There’s an awful lot of information contained in this report, but it IS possible to implement each one of these tactics in the next 30 days.


You can conquer 1-2 of these tasks each week for a month.


No matter what your strategy, keep your momentum going, and you’ll see a jump in your email list subscribers.


When using this many new tactics, you’ll want to track the progress of each one as well as the results.  Try creating a spreadsheet to mark the date that each of task became live, the end date and how many new subscribers signed up. Also take note of how many subscribers you have on your list today.


Ad Swaps & Solo Ads


The ad swaps and solo ads will be a little harder to schedule because you will have to wait for others to respond. Start on that research, and send out those emails. As you receive responses, keep those organized separately and then pick and choose which swaps and / or mailings you want to use.


Guest Blogging


Guest blogging also takes some planning and requires feedback from the blog owners. If you contact the blog owner with a story idea, the owner will be more receptive to the idea than if you ask, “What can I write for you?” Of course, the blog owner might want to tweak your story idea a bit but if it means good exposure for you, it’s worth making those changes.


Ezine Articles


Writing articles for the ezine directories is also a one person task. Choose the top 10 article directories and set up your profile at each one.


Start writing your articles, complete with your author’s byline and link to your list signup, then submit the articles to the directories. There might be some delay before the article is live, because some directories have a manual process of reviewing the article.


If you submit a couple of articles each week, you will soon be considered an expert and the link to your list will be seen by lots of readers.


Affiliate Program


Next, set up your affiliate program. You will need the affiliate management system and also some graphics for any products you have along with some sample emails and/or articles they can use to promote you. Start publicizing your program and get those affiliates excited.


The most important thing to remember is to TAKE ACTION. All these tips don’t mean anything if you let them sit in this report.


Start with one tip at a time, see it through to completion, then move on down the list. You WILL see results!