Ezine Promotion

How To Monetize Your Blog: Ezine Promotion


One of the most overlooked ways to monetize your websites is through ezine promotion.  Make sure there is a sign-up form prominently displayed on your site inviting people to help themselves to a free PDF report, audio or video containing your most unique, valuable gem of information.  Let them know while they’re opting in that they will receive a regular edition of your ezine.


Then make sure they receive it, delivered via their Feed or email.


Your ezine doesn’t have to be a dazzling display of HTML and graphics (unless your niche involves visual design, that is).  Some of the most effective ezines out there are simple text emails sent regularly.


What makes it an ezine and not just another email?


It’s format.  An ezine should always contain the same components with new information specific to your readers.


You can include calls to action inviting them to purchase your new offers, monetizing your ezine traffic base that way.


monetizeAnother great way to use ezines to your advantage, especially when you’re first starting out:


Advertise in other, popular and already well-established “authority” ezines.  There are sure to be several specific to your niche, whatever that topic consists of:  And ezine advertising is usually ridiculously inexpensive, and a perfect way for newcomers to introduce themselves to a larger traffic base.