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Email Marketing is essential for your business.


It, along with building your list to be able to use email marketing to make more sales, drive more traffic, sell solo ads, incorporate your affiliate marketing, get your customers to come back to you, build trust with people and better relationships, grow your credibility and status, and get to your business goals faster, are just some of the perks of a vibrant and healthy email marketing campaign.


If you haven’t started building your list of subscribers, or have, and are not tending to them, or maybe you are selling products already, and ignoring all of this opportunity, we are going to get you off of that wrong track, and onto the right track for your business marketing tips!


It’s never too late to start, and with a few months of focus and effort, you will see differences in your sales and traffic, you will grow more and more free from the ever-changing online games and rules, you will make leaps and bounds in your marketing efforts, and you will begin to reach all of your business goals faster.

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marketing tips


3 Top Email Marketing Tips & Templates


A lot of list owners eventually run into the problem of not knowing what to write about for email marketing. If you ever run into that issue, then perhaps this article can help.


Here we’ll go over three kinds of templates for people that you can use over and over again for your business. In fact, if you just rotate between these three kinds, your business will do very well indeed!


Here are three types of emails that people will never grow tired of.


Tips #1: Question & Answer Templates


This is often called “mailbag” marketing.  It’s simply your subscribers sending you questions, and you answer. You are pulling their questions out of the mailbag.


If you don’t have subscribers sending in questions yet, you can still answer questions as an effective communication. Go to forums or hangouts related to your niche, and find questions there.  Answer these same questions in your marketing campaign, and each time encourage your people to send in, and ask more questions to get it going.


As long as you’re answering relevant questions that people want to hear, your readers will never grow tired of your communications, and will be drawn more to your business.


Tips #2: How To_______ Marketing


All people wanting to learn, are happy to get a “how to”.


Sometimes, and especially if you’ve sent emails to your group of people for some time, you’ll feel like you’ve covered everything in your business niche already.  This is where the how to templates that are not directly related to your niche, but are still relevant can come into play.


The key on topics for people, and with any topic for that matter in your content marketing, is to always get into the shoes of your recipients, readers or customers, and speak to them personally.  When you know them like a friend across the table, there are so many related topics to get into, and they don’t have to be about you, your business and your business products all the time.


If you think a little bit outside the box with your how to topics, the possibilities are really endless.


Tips #3: Give a Lesson Through a Personal Story


Tell people a personal story. Make it emotional, and make sure it has energy and authenticity. You can always tie in a “moral” or a lesson for people relevant to your niche too.


You might tell a story of how you made a big mistake. Then, break apart what you did wrong, and turn the story into a lesson for people.


This is a great way to have your email subscribers get to know you more and connect with you emotionally, while getting a lot of value out of your business newsletter emails.


If you can’t think of any of these stories or topics, just take out some paper, and start brainstorming for relevant stories from your life experiences.


So remember, it’s just the framework that stays the same for your email marketing for your business. These are three template styles that you can use over and over again for people. They never get old, because the actual content is always different.  You never have to run out of email marketing ideas again!


Don’t lose another day of opportunity to reach your business goals through building a list and using your email marketing tips.  


Jump Start your business, and access your Email Marketing Tips Library today!


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