Your Best Business Template Is Writing the New Way

    Did you know your website presentation is your business template form when it comes to your on page SEO strategy?   Here’s what we mean by that…   Every part of your business model must shape and form to a specific business template that manifests through your business website content and overall presentation….Read More

Simple, Small Action to Make Money

Would you like to be simple with small action, and make big money results?   You know that story of the group of people being chased by the hungry lion, and the lesson is that you don’t have to be at the head of the group to not get eaten, you only have to be…Read More

Google Spiders Are Always Hungry

Did you know the web is full of spiders? Have you ever noticed that once you publish a blog post, it’s time for another? Try that on a few business blogs, and you soon realize you are just a slave in business management to the hunger of Google Spiders!   If Google Spider robots were…Read More

Mompreneurs, If You Build It They Will Come

                  “If You Build It, They Will Come”   Remember that from Field of Dreams?  Love that movie, and now that I’ve plunged into my small business, I have a new perspective on that film’s message.   A Small Business Analogy for Small Business Owners   Really, the story is…Read More

Business Secret Sauce and Magic Formula

In business, the secret sauce and magic formula plan can be as simple as your basic tomato sauce recipe, but we know that it’s about your own personal touch, attention to small details, and your unique perspective bringing together the best results to market your business…   Just like Giada’s…   For your parts of…Read More