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A Business Plan Biz Kit & An On-Page SEO Content Outline Action Plan is What You Need.  


We have them for you!


All Business Members can find a helpful Business Plan Kit in our resource library to download, with strategized information for social media marketing and keyword research, and contains a template for business organization in planning and goal setting.


Your Business Plan Biz Kit Accompanies a Business Analysis & SEO Content Plans.


Signature Business Members get their Business Brand Consult, Niche Keyword Research & On-Page Content Outline Action Plan Service. Then, they can Purchase 50% Off PLR Content if needed to help them fill in their Content Action Plan from their step-by-step instructions for Google Friendly optimization.


As a Small Business, you might feel in our current economic climate that all odds are against you, but you can overcome so much through learning, application, consistency and hard work, as well as the simple commitment you’ve made by investing in your business plan as a Member of Club-Content.


If you are not willing to invest in your own Business Plan, why would you expect someone else to?


We know what it’s like to run a business plan right now, and that’s why we’ve brought together as much value, expertise and problem solving we can offer under one roof, so that you don’t have to seek out scattered information, and feel overwhelmed with time management. Everything you need to get your small business started, off it’s feet, or running full speed is here in one place to plan.


Your Business Articles Resource Library is here to support you in learning plans, management plans and mindset. You just select what you want to learn to plan…






Setting Realistic Business Goals for Your Business Plans


When it comes to setting small business goals and plans, it can be tricky to find that middle ground. Select too high, you might get discouraged. If you set them too low, you may end up disillusioned with your business plan. So how do you strike a balance?


Your Business Plans Made Easy Packaged in a Business Kit Resource.


Here’s what we do here that you’ll find so helpful…


There is a steady, consistent pace that you can achieve that continually moves your business plans forward.  We help you find, and stay on that progressive track day in and out throughout your membership year.  And we are providing you a helpful SEO Service and resource kit of information, shortcuts and tools to stick to that daily progress.


Small Business: Plan And Know Who You Are


One of the keys to succeeding is to be really honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Avoid the extremes. We can be over confident or under confident, but try asking others what they think they can see you doing.


All you need is paper and pencil for your plan list. Write down things you like to do in management plans, and abilities you feel confident about. Just about any skill or attribute can be channeled to select in helping your business plan succeed.


A Business Plan Means You Need SEO Google Friendly Content.


Content is everything for online business.  You need it for SEO, your websites or blog(s), for your newsletters, you need it for your email marketing, for your social media marketing, you need it for your product descriptions, and for your products.

You need it all of the time.

It’s your tool in business.

Using the right words can make or break you.  You can spend so much time on Content in your day of small business, that it can make you spin.  That’s why the words you choose have to be effective. If you are spending all of that valuable time, why waste it on ineffective words?

We think of effective content in two ways here:  writing for Google robots and search engines and writing for people or readers.  Blending the two together brings the best results.


Here’s how you get ahead in business with your plans, because we help you write Google Friendly content.  Here’s a video explaining that more…



A Business Plan Includes Building a List.



Put simply, a list of subscribers is a must for all businesses.  There is nothing more important than capturing an audience, owning your traffic and being free.


Find Your Freedom!


If you have a list of engaged email subscribers, you can implement your small business plans, because people are actually listening.  You can call them to action, remind them you are there, and lead them where you’d like them to go.  They have signed up to hear from you, or have purchased your product, and you have the ability to keep them interested in your brand, rather than never seeing them again.

Why are you free with a list of subscribers?  You own it.  Google doesn’t, Facebook doesn’t, Twitter doesn’t, or any of the big guys running the show.  All of those changing rules that affect your small business in so many ways, never affect your list of subscribers.

The more you can grow your list of subscribers, the more valuable your small business and brand will become, and it will all become easier to accomplish your goals.


Small Business: Plan And Know What You Want


First, you need to determine what you want. Brainstorm, and make a list. Put it down on paper, and don’t hold back.


Small Business: Plan And Assess What You Want


Now, take a look at your list, and create a sub-list of steps you have to take to reach each of those goals and plans. Are there some items you know you have to take off? If you cannot take the steps necessary to achieve that goal, then it needs to be modified or removed from your list.


Small Business: Plan And Create the Plan to Get What You Want


As you are making your sub-list of plans, you need to develop definite strategies for those items on your list that are actually achievable. Being able to see what is necessary to achieve something can help you decide whether or not to pursue it. The strategy may in fact be doable, but you are unwilling to take those steps or plans for personal reasons.


Small Business: Plan And Narrow Down


Really mark things off you know you won’t do.


Small Business: Plan And Formulate a Timeline


Determine a timeline for your small business goals. Do you need to make more money right now, as in this month? Do you have more long-term goals or plans, such as eventually quitting your day job? Now write down your timeline. Then, remove anything that can’t be reached in your allotted time.


These list-making exercises can help narrow down your small business goals and plans, and keep them realistic and reachable.


Get your small business plans goal-oriented, streamlined, blogging, marketing and making money as a Club-Content Business Member.


Give yourself a Jump Start!

Courtney & Betina~Club-Content



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