Business Build a Website Top Tips: Using Freebies, Benefits, Profits

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This business build a website top tips article is dedicated to helping you maximize free gifts or freebies in blogging for ultimate profit, either from ones you create for your website or ones you can find online.


In the coming article for business to build a website properly for your greatest benefits and profit we’ll cover…


What freebies or free gifts are. Why they work so well. The benefits of using them on your website. Ways to profit from them including ideas you can put into action. We’ll also look at how to create them, so you can make the most of your time, money and efforts!


Business Blogging and Internet marketing are a dream life for many people. They provide you with the ability to work when you want, and spend your days building a business website around a topic you enjoy, plus you can see profits.


First, What is a Website Freebie?

They are those lovely free things that marketers give away on a website. This type of marketing is the concept of either giving away a salable item free, or charging an extremely low price to generate a continual market for another, generally disposable item.
free has emerged as a full-fledged part of the economy. Consumers are now looking for free, and they’ve come to expect it.

Think About the Following for Your Build a Website Top Tips:


Google  offers no cost searches, biz listings, free email, etc.


YouTube, Hulu, and even major networks offer no cost video and programming


Craigslist offers free classified advertisements offers no cost dating connections


Zappos offers free shipping


Facebook and Twitter offer free networking


And many more websites offer free content, like reports, ebooks, videos and blueprints.


So How Do They Make Money with Everything Free on a Website?


Many of these businesses make money with advertising. They use the free content on a website to draw tons of visitors, and sell ad space at a premium.




Why Do Free Gifts Work So Well for the Business Website Build?

Who doesn’t want to get more for their money, and who doesn’t want to get something for zero money?  We all do, particularly if the gift has real value. Many people would simply make the choice to buy based on a gift offer, even if the item is a bit more expensive than others.

Website Blogs Can Create the Door to More Purchases

Imagine you’re seeking information on blogging. When conducting your research you come across a free ebook on the topic at a blogging tips blog site. You download it, it’s full of great information, and you go back to the blog to purchase other products or services.
Gifts work, because most people are willing to take them, or download them. They are your foot in the door. They also work because they add value to a potential purchase…like the free pair of running socks with a shoe purchase.

Benefits of Gifts on a Website for Biz


Gifts offer marketers and biz owners a number of benefits.


A Website Gift Can:


·        Increase awareness


·        Strengthen your brand and credibility


·        Increase traffic


·        Build your website list


·        And of course create profits


Use Bonuses & Motivation to Buy as You Build Your Website

A bonus is something given or paid in addition to what is usual or expected. It’s extra. We love bonuses, because they make us feel as if we’re getting more for our money.
As a marketer you can use free bonuses to motivate a purchase.
They’re essentially a tool to motivate you to buy, and you can accomplish the same thing when you’re marketing and selling on your website to your prospects and customers.

While You Build a Website, Bonuses Come In Many Shapes And Forms

You can create bonuses from content you’ve already created.


A Website Gives Automatic Content

For example, a collection of your 100 best tips can be pulled together into a bonus report. You can also call up an associate, do an interview with her and voila…freebie bonus.

You can purchase PLR and use it as bonus information in your newsletter. Or you can partner with another relevant business, and use their giveaways as bonuses.


Potential for Profit as You Build Your Website

To really amplify the value of your product you can add several bonuses to the sales pitch to motivate a purchase.

Here are a few examples of how you can use bonuses to profit in a website build.


*Sell an ebook and give away an expert interview and transcription of the interview as a bonus


*Sell a DVD course and give away an ebook as a bonus.


*Sell coaching or consulting services and give away a report with the first session.

Bonuses work for any model and any type of product or service. The goal is to find gifts to giveaway that will motivate a purchase.

Keep the free bonus relevant.

If you give away a book on running and you’re selling a writing course then the two don’t mesh. The free bonus has to be relevant and enticing.

Maximize Capacity for a Promotion Website

Include promotions for other products in your free gift you create. This will help you use your bonus products to their maximum capacity.

How can Free Freebies help you?


These days, people need to know and trust you to work with you, or patron your business.  How do you get them to trust you?  You build a community around your biz, and you use free gifts to help you.
It can establish you as likable and authentic, and you are building trust by winning hearts and minds.
Businesses that willingly give away great bonuses on a regular basis, become websites people visit often. They not only embed their brand in the minds of their prospects, they build a relationship.

A Website Makes You a Friend

Would you rather buy a product or service from someone you have a relationship with, or from a total stranger?
As you create your website presentation, you can gain tremendous value by giving away often, in turn, creating that community around your brand.
Marketing strategies tend to grow and change a lot over time, but the one thing that seems to remain constant are the relationships, and how businesses are involved in their communities.

So, where does this seemingly endless supply of free freebies come from?


*You can create, re-purpose and re-package any existing ones you already have.

*Purchase Mom Blogger PLR to help you create more re-packaged gifts to offer.
*Be creative and use your imagination to connect to your potential prospects, asking yourself what they would want to receive.
*Start tips and informative posts to be able to package together later.
*Join us here at Club-Content, and create your freebie material easily with your 50% Off monthly PLR Coupon…<  


While You Create Your Website, Think in Their Shoes

The people and community you build around you, can bring you the most value, and even the most profits. Think in their shoes, and give them a Gift to remember.

How To Profit from Free Gifts in a Website Build

You may spend a good amount of your time planning various ways to boost your profits. One of the best ways to increase your profits is to take advantage of your resources.

And you have many of them.


1)You of course have your skills and knowledge–your strengths.


2)You have the various technologies that make running an Internet biz significantly easier. These are things like your invoicing software, your article management system, your auto-responder and so on.


3)You also have time management tools like your organizer and calendar. You have friends, family, business partners, and associates who help you manage your life and your biz.


4)You have the wealth of resources available online. We’re talking about education resources, social networking resources, and all of the information available to you for free and for pay, to help you build and grow.


5)Finally, you have the information products and content you’ve already created on your website.


All of these resources can be used optimally to help you build and grow your profits. The last two on that list can help you create giveaways, to boost your profits and grow even more.




Use Free Gifts in Partnerships for Profits


Form partnerships to gain profits and increase awareness for your brand.


Partnerships Equal Increased Awareness

A partnership is an agreement between two people that ideally benefits those two people or businesses. Partnerships are great for creating and using bonuses to profit.

Find, Create & Build A Compliment

In internet marketing and certainly to profit from free bonuses, it helps if your partner is in a relevant, but not competing business.

Create & Build The Potential for Profit


The potential for profit is virtually limitless when it comes to partnerships. And there are two main ways you can profit.


1)The first is to use a partner’s incentive to reach your own business build or profit goals.

For example, you can partner with someone to use their incentive as a bonus to market and sell your product, to build your list or any other number of profitable ventures.
In exchange, your partner gets a piece of your profits or at the bare minimum they get really great exposure, because if they’re smart, they’ve promoted their products and/or services in their free gifts they’ve allowed you to use.

2)You can have a partner create one for you, and you can use it to achieve your business build goals.


However, you can also create giveaway products, reports, software, courses or even tangible products, and allow other businesses to use them as they see fit.


You can charge a small fee for their use, and agree to a percentage of their sales, or you can allow the partner to use your product however they see fit, as long as they don’t change anything within or about the product.

This is where you’ll be sure to include information in the free gift that promotes your brand.
build a website

The end result to build a website:


*An increase in awareness for your brand


*Increased traffic 


*Ultimately increased profits 


Maximize Your Build


The ultimate way to maximize this tactic is to forge several lucrative partnerships.
For example, let’s say you have an affiliate website where you offer information on baby gear. You might partner with someone who has a website about the best birthing centers in your state.
You provide them with a report on the top 15 products for 2015 complete with affiliate links, so you get all the sales. Then, they provide you with a report on the top ten best birthing centers in the country.
This is a great value to both of your customers. You both grow your website audience and your reach, and you both stand to make good money on affiliate sales via website build.

The Partnerships You Create Are The Key to Build a Brand


List building and e-mail marketing are often a primary and ongoing marketing and promotion strategy. They are after all, a list of people who have expressed an interest in your products or services and have said “yes, please contact me via email with your information.”
This means that your email list is worth its weight in gold. Each person on your email list is a qualified prospect.
One of the most popular tools to build an email list or opt-in list, is to give something away to entice a sign up.
This is where your free gifts come in.
Top notch freebies have the ability to not only build your email list, they can also sell you, your brand, your business and of course your products or services.

Common list building free bonuses include, but are not limited to:






*Online Courses




*Audio Interviews(with transcripts)


*Downloadable Blueprints & Templates




Potential for Profit Using Free Incentives in List Building & E-mail Marketing

Within every list building giveaway is opportunity.

Including the:


*Opportunity to Strengthen Your Brand


*Opportunity to Enhance Your Credibility as an Expert


*Opportunity to Sell or Promote Affiliate Products 


*Opportunity to Sell or Promote Your Own Products or Services 


Carefully positioned links, special promotions and a commitment to creating top level free giveaway products will help you turn this gift idea into significant profit potential.


Maximize Your Build

The most effective way to really maximize using them to build your list is to make sure it is something you’re incredibly proud of.
Combine that with a few strategically placed links and a well thought out marketing campaign to promote it, and your opt-in list, and you have the making for a perfect profit plan.

The Potential for Profit in Website Viral Marketing

The potential for profit with website viral marketing is huge. You can boost profits in any number of ways, and here are just a few ideas to create:

Website Build 1)Giveaway a free report as a gift that offers your prospects a huge benefit, and tell them they can share the report in any manner they like, as long as they don’t make any changes to the content.


This means they can post the report on their blogs to offer to their prospects, they can email a download link to their list, and they can publish it, or simply share with friends.

The result is a tremendous amount of traffic and profits for you, particularly if you include affiliate links in your report, and your prospects can also benefit by sharing it.

Website build 2)Embed links in video content as well. Your viral tool doesn’t have to be something people can print.

The key to profiting from this is to be creative. You want to drive traffic to your website by making an impression with that particular tool.
This can be done by offering value, by stirring up controversy or by being entertaining. It’s your choice. Do what fits your topic, brand and your target audience.

Create to Maximize Your Build

In addition to making sure your free bonus is attention grabbing and something people want to share, there are a few things that make viral ones much more effective and therefore profitable…

*Create one easy to share. If people can’t easily link to your video, download your reports, and forward your content, then they’re not going to. Quick download times are essential.


*Create a plan. What do you want to accomplish with your free viral report? You should follow through with strategies that support your plan.

For example, if you want to sell more affiliate products, include a link in your viral video that leads prospects to a downloadable report full of affiliate links and great information.
If you want to build your opt-in list, send prospects to your squeeze page.

*Create tests and tracking for your results. Find out which tools generate the best results. You may find that you get very little traffic from advertising but your social networking traffic is great.  It’s important to know what works.


build a website


Remember, YOU create and build your website to your benefit and profits!…


Follow these build a website top tips & gain profits, traffic, and grow your brand. What are you waiting for?

~Courtney & Betina

Confident Conviction~Unwavering Support

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