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Why are Blogging and your Blogger skills so important for your website?



Because, site content is where it all starts…


*It creates your brand

*It markets your blog page, social media, and your email

*It becomes your website product

*It becomes additional income

*It builds and maintains your list of site subscribers

*It gives incentive

*It calls to action

*It builds a network

*It brings search engines

*It brings traffic

*It sells

*It works in your absence


Tap your Blogger Website Library Resource on your own time, without any expensive courses, or painfully tedious teaser webinars trying to sell you something.


Remember, you as a Blogger are the source and the seed of power for your business website future…






Do You as a Website Blogger and Your Site Content Have Purpose?


Site content is often considered an online business owner’s primary resource and need. It drives traffic. It helps make a sale. It provides authority, credibility and liking, which all trigger buying.


It also helps you market your website business and site blogs.


Unfortunately, many website business owners blog without any direction in mind. They may write fantastically for page. Yet if it’s missing a purpose, it’s missing an opportunity.


So what do you as a Website Blogger want to accomplish?


Name Your Site Blogging Purpose!


Potential Site Blogger & Content Page Purposes…


* To drive traffic to a web page
* To increase website SEO
* To drive traffic to a sales page
* To generate affiliate income
* To boost credibility and authority
* To motivate comments and sharing
* Building Subscribers


You can have more than one reason.


For example, a report may be designed to collect subscription sign ups. In addition there could be website affiliate links within the body of the report to generate income. The report may also link back to a sales page on your site to promote your products or services.


On the other hand, if your site content is missing a purpose then you’re missing out on valuable business website building opportunity.


Plan Your Blogging Page Reason


The best time to determine your site page reason is when you create a site content plan.  If you don’t plan, consider it. Planning it helps you make the most of your efforts.


Assigning Your Website Page Purpose


For your site plan, you’ll likely determine the keywords and the topic. You’ll also need to decide when you’re going to publish it and where. It makes sense to integrate your site blog into your traffic plan, SEO, sales and marketing strategies. This means building and assigning your site page content a purpose.


Here are some specific blog page assignments as examples…


To Support Building a Product Launch

To Generate Interest & Excitement

Building & Driving Traffic to Your Opt In Page

Building Buzz About Special Pricing

Building Buzz About a New Service

Building Traffic to Your Website


You Need Call to Action on Your Website


Make a habit of checking each site page or post for your call to action that should be at least at the end.  It can be at the beginning and the middle too, but the end must state, ask or call for a specific action.  Otherwise you have no site page purpose, and wasted your time.


Take a look at your website blogging you have planned for the next week or month. Does each piece have a reason? Do you have a call to action? Is your need to blog part of your overall business building growth and strategy? If not, make some quick changes and see the rewards.


Be that best Blogger you can be here with us, on your own time, and with it all brought to you under one organized building…Jump Start your business website today!


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