Blog Monetization & Traffic Checklist

How to Make Money-Local Flair Focus:


Creating Your Blog Monetization and Traffic Strategy


Keep in mind to use this as a guide for a variety of options to choose from to monetize your blog and traffic.  Not everything on this list will apply to your blogging goals, but could inspire some new ideas as well. It’s easier to focus on one thing at a time, and choose a strategy that fits what you like to do, and that works for your blog and readers. Work on making one path successful, before you add another.


Blog Monetization & Traffic Checklist


I have analyzed each blog or site I plan to monetize, checking out:


*It’s traffic patterns & bounce rates via my cPanel

*Its top-performing topics and pages

*Site feedback & comments



I have asked questions or polled my readers to make sure I’m on target with their wishes and needs.


I have considered the various types of monetization I can implement, and put serious thought into:


*What feels like a natural fit for my visitors

*Which monetization methods would actually provide a service if I added them to my mix

*Which methods are in alignment with my own skills, strengths, interests and values



  I’ve considered my overall business plan as well as my current numbers.  I’ve put serious thought into:


*Where my traffic is now and what my goals are re: increasing it

*The order in which I implement various monetization methods and strategiegies

*Whether or not I have the right type of web hosting,  so I can resell sites if I decide to do so, or be prepared for sudden increases in traffic, should I choose to augment my monetization by advertising


I’m planning to implement the following strategies:


*Selling my services

*Selling digital products

*Selling physical products

In preparation for this, I have:

*My shopping cart in place and tested

*A product fulfillment company lined up to handle assembly and shipping for my physical product

I’m planning to sign up with:

*An affiliate marketer to promote a particular targeted product to my list of subscribers

*An affiliate network to create a broader strategy for my blog and list

A CPC/CPM network

*Text Link ads or embedded video



I have decided to go with Google AdSense PPC publishing and allow Google to place AdSense ads on my blog.  In preparation for this, I have…


*Chosen and installed an AdSense-ready theme

*Obtained my Publisher ID number

*Checked that my content is well-optimized, with no distracting keywords that might result in Google erroneously placing an ad not related to my actual topic

*Pre-loaded my blog with optimized, well-chosen posts

*Planned a regular schedule of promotion and posting


I have considered placing ads on my site through ad-ready blog templates for ad agencies such as Blogvertise making sure all links have “nofollow” tags


I understand that Google only accepts PPC Advertising in my blog post content with a “nofollow” link tag


I am aware of link schemes, and what Google defines as link schemes


I have considered whether or not banner ads or buttons will add value and interest to my content, or distract or annoy my typical target visitor


I have an Article Marketing campaign planned, to draw even more targeted traffic to my site.  I have articles ready for:





*Article Alley




I’ve studied tracking methods and tools available within my chosen monetization networks or partners, and allowed time to learn and implement them, and monitor my results


I have considered other methods of monetization, such as:


*Building a list of subscribers

*Making use of ezines and e-mail campaigns



I have considered supporting my extra monetization efforts by:


*Advertising via PPC campaign

*Advertising on Facebook

*Advertising in related ezines

*Other forms of advertising



I’m now ready to take the first step in monetizing my website traffic!