Article Marketing

How To Monetize Your Blog: Article Marketing


This is one particular traffic monetization strategy not to be ignored…


Write niche related articles driving people searching for your keyword first of all to the directory where your article can be found:  And then through your Resource Box at the end of the article to your site, where they can purchase your product, subscribe to your blog, etc.


Article marketing can help you:


  • Quickly increase page rank
  • Quickly increase authority expert status
  • Get known in your niche for solid content and answers
  • Promote products, your brand, your services or yourself
  • Drive targeted traffic to your site–traffic that buys your products or through your affiliate links!


monetizeThe strategy itself is simple.  Below is a “put-into-practice” variation you can try…



  1. Sign up for the directories in the list which follows this step-by-step section
  2. Study their guidelines and either print them out (so you can refer to them while proofing your article) or make quick, point form notes on any specific formatting
  3. Research a great, long-tailed keyword relevant to your specific subject
  4. Write five unique, original 500 word articles, using that keyword

(a) In your article title

(b) Within your first sentence

  1. Conclude each article with a simple, clear “Resource Box” that runs along the lines of:  “You can find out more on how to [solve the reader’s specific problem:  E.G. “remove stubborn skin tags and warts”] by visiting [website URL].
  2. Submit one article to each of these directories.


Of course, it’s a good idea to submit small batches rather than single articles stories (check each particular directory’s guidelines for number restrictions), using related keywords in some of the article batch mixed with repeating your strongest keyword once or twice for a couple of your other articles.


Putting the above strategy into practice and repeating it at regular intervals is a great, easy way to get a feel for article marketing, while driving a constant flow of traffic to your site (and offers!)


Article directories exist to provide unaltered original articles (containing your Resource Box and links) to websites.  They are syndicated via RSS feed, which means your “reach” is immense, once an article is published.  It’s best to not use PLR for this type of marketing, but PLR gives you the time to create all of this original, awesome content.


Here are five, high-ranking article directories to start submitting articles to:





Article Alley



Plus there are new directories appearing, some of them easier to gain acceptance to than the traditional ones: