Affiliate Marketing

How To Monetize Your Blog: Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is still going strong and it’s possible to make a good income with it.  It’s basically recommending a product, and if a sale or lead results, you get a commission.


Changes in recent trends include narrower niche focus and “specialization” (not to be confused with identifying your specific target market).


Whereas one used to pick a domain name that covered a wide sub-topic range like “” in order to fit a good variety of baking-related keywords in posts, it’s now considered more effective to specialize right at domain name level like, “”.


Because of the prevalence of AdSense and advertising, it’s also wise to avoid over saturated niches dealing with subjects such as:


  • Dating
  • Acai berry
  • Weddings
  • Insurance


That’s not to say you can’t promote products associated with these broad niches:  Just that you have to be a lot more specific in order not to drown like a grain of salt in the ocean.


monetizeHere is where our Local Flair Focus comes into play!


The best affiliate marketers take their traffic seriously.  They track and observe, and do their best to provide that traffic with great recommendations.  They also don’t hesitate to point out flaws and drawbacks in products, building trust by always putting the visitor’s needs first.


It would be wonderful to think that the best affiliate marketers also try every product they recommend, but the real truth is, many choose products based on the highest conversion rates balanced by that marketer’s experience and instincts.


Keywords:  Finding and using the best keywords is a crucial part of affiliate marketing strategy, but all the great long-tailed keywords in the world won’t help if:


  • You don’t put consistent, steady time and effort into promotion and supporting strategies


  • You, yourself, don’t have a list or subscribers or readers–which you can then turn into your affiliates to help promote your best products.  (Information products particularly lend themselves well to this strategy.)


Most super affiliates who really do make six figures and upwards also recommend that you focus completely on building your affiliate marketing business and don’t allow yourself to be distracted.


You can perform as an affiliate marketer in one of two easy ways (ideally, actually, you should consider doing both):


    1. Find individual products that your readers will thank you for finding, and promote it directly from the product seller’s affiliate system
    2. Join a reputable affiliate network and promote multiple products


You’re probably already familiar with Clickbank, but here are four more top affiliate networks with solid commission rates, to get you started:


Amazon (categories cover almost every niche and sub-niche!)


Commission Junction





Just remember, especially with networks such as Clickbank to cloak your affiliate links, to prevent unscrupulous visitors from stealing your commissions by changing that link to their own.


If affiliate marketing flows easily for you, this is a path you might seriously want to consider.  If you’d rather just have a secondary, passive stream of income, a couple of hundred extra dollars a month, then it makes a great addition to other sources of income.


*Please note: Receiving money or any exchange of service with a link to the product or company is considered a link scheme by Google.  Be sure to disclose and code properly for all links in any content.