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Content is your source for everything you do in business.  You need Content for SEO, Content for Blogging, Content for Marketing, Content for Products and Content for Traffic. Content is the driving force in our online world, and you need it every day.

Plus it’s your tool in business.

Only one thing, no matter what type of business or blog you have that keeps people coming back, and telling others to come through search engines is Content.  Essentially, Content is quality, engaging, entertaining, significant and relevant writing.

What does your business and blog offer? 

Are you entertaining?

Do you offer a resource, a refuge or value to your readers?

Are you building leads?

Are you relevant?

Is your brand the best for Google?


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SEO doesn’t happen, until your searcher stays for your Brand and its Magic. ~Courtney L. Gillard, Club-Content Owner & SEO Content Specialist


Why Jump Start Your Business & Work with Courtney & Betina?


Betina and Courtney are just like you. They are small business owners running businesses every day,  who have unwavering conviction to help clients start ahead with right SEO content and tools. It’s more competitive than ever in online business, and SEO is essential, but expensive.  They are confident that their SEO services can help your business grow with affordable and strategic applications.


Confident Conviction~Unwavering Support


They started in design and fashion, learned SEO, blogging and technical writing, and are published authors on Amazon. Courtney is a Best Selling Author with her How To Etsy Book Series, and is an SEO Specialist, Business Consultant, Team Member at Shine Avenue Creative & Core Contributor to Modern Business Mom. You can find her over at courtneygillard.com for your specific business and SEO needs.


Betina specializes in social media and networking. Courtney & Betina are confident in your business progress, and have unwavering conviction to the Magic of your Brand.


They want to bring everything they have in expertise, experience, services, knowledge, and resources to this home called Club-Content, where they can be your solution to starting your SEO Business Plan right, and where you can afford SEO growth and services too, like the big gals.



about club contentCourtney L. Gillard

& Betina N. Powers


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Now is the time to JUMP START your business! 




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