18 Traffic Generating Blogging Activities You Can Do Right Away…

Blog tour


Ask a few friends and fellow bloggers to participate as ‘destination blogs’. Encourage them to give away a freebie on the day their blog is scheduled to be a destination. Tell them to promote it and you do your best to promote the event to your readers too.


You could go a step further. Create badges and buttons for your destination blogs, create badges for readers to invite readers from their own blogs to join them as they go on this trip.


Community answers

Ask a group of people or your readers to submit a tip on a topic. List out the tips in a fresh post linking to them. Ask those who submitted a tip to blog about the list and link back to you. Or, you could make the list into a PDF (which has links back to you as the organizer of course), give each of the contributors a copy and tell them to give it away.


Vote it up

Create an award example: The funniest, the most daring etc. Nominate some bloggers, inform the blogger and tell them to ask their readers to vote for them. Create some badges so the bloggers can put it on their sidebars to promote it. Don’t forget to create badges for the winners too.


Blog for a cause

If you champion a cause. Ask fellow bloggers who share your concerns to blog about this cause on a designated day. A good example is Blog Action Day.


Group writing

Ask readers to write about a theme or topic, link back to project. This works very well if you have a good readership base. If you’re fairly new, try adding a prize to motivate submissions. Of course, promote this project not only on your blog but take some effort promoting it elsewhere too.


Issue a challenge

Issue a challenge to your readers. This is a great example of a good challenge. Look at how many comments the post received. Milk the challenge by giving them tips over the week or however long your challenge lasts, how people can achieve that goal. Check in with your readers. Keep them on their toes. Finally, feature those who succeeded and those who had the biggest improvements after the challenge.


Long or medium term contest

Get people to tell them why they love doing something or being

something. Blog about it, link it back to the project to be entered. Pick a winner every month.


Reader focus / highlight

If you have a regular following, it’s pretty easy to pick out who they are. Send them an email with a short interview about them, their business, work and blog. Post them on your blog. Gives theme exposure, you content and of course tell them you posted their interview and for them to blog about it too


Coupons / discounts

Ask the owners of products you recommend for a limited time coupon you can give to your readers. If they say no, and they have an affiliate program you are a part of, try again. Say you’ll forfeit the commission to make up for the lower price. They may likely say yes. Do it for a limited time. For those who find it later, and still purchase, you will earn the regular commission.


Give something away

Everyone loves freebies. Did you know there are tons of freebies businesses give out in the hope it’ll help spread the word for their business? You can visit our Mom Blogger PLR free download page for them, and always read through our Club-Content or Mom Blogger PLR newsletters to find them.


If you participate in any affiliate program, ask the affiliate managers if they have such freebies and where you can pick them up. Good affiliate programs probably have one. If they don’t, create it yourself. A free audio download or free PDF can go a long way.


One question interview

Email a few notable people in your niche or people of your choosing. Ask if they’d like to participate in a one question interview. Post the replies on your blog. Tell them when you post it and to blog about it too.


Random interview

Set up a camera. Ask random people in your neighborhood what they would do if…or what’s one life advice you could give anyone. Simple thought provoking questions. Make sure you get their permission to be recorded.


Reader makeover

Pick a few readers. Ask them privately if they’d be interested in a makeover in (whatever expertise you provide). If yes, do the short makeover, post the before and after – tell the reader to blog about it and promote their makeover that’s on your blog.


Group learning project

Ask readers to join you learning something new that week…for example a language. You introduce a new word every day or ask your readers to submit a new word each day.


Community contest

Get a group of bloggers to pitch in money for a cash prize, then promote the grand bonanza on each of their blogs. You could of course make it one big collection of products if cash is not something your partners are willing to put in.


Easter egg

Easter eggs are tiny hidden programs developers put in their software. It normally takes a little investigating or a chance occurrence to find it. Create a small animated image that will fade in and fade out at intervals. Tell people you have an Easter egg on your blog. If they can find it, they win.


Advice or tips chain

Rally a few fellow bloggers together. Choose a topic that you can all write tips, advice and solutions on. You write one part, tell people it will continue at the next blogger’s blog and when and so on. You could also make it an open chain where the current blogger nominates the next blogger.


Hold a conference

Give a talk or host a round table discussion about a topic that is important to your niche. Get everyone in the panel including you to promote it. Make it easier to promote by creating badges and other material they can use.


Where to find them

You might have noticed that many of these suggestions involve getting the help of other bloggers, affiliate program managers or businesses. How you do you find them? The easiest thing is to check out the blogs of your readers and use Google, Technorati and Stumble Upon to find them.


Think outside the box to bring traffic to your blog. ‘Till then, happy blogging!